–  Valid driving license or passport at check-in.

–  Amex is not accepted as payment method for walk-ins.

–  Must bring card with matching ID used for payment.

–  All participants must sign waiver at check-in, parent or guardian must sign the waiver for minor.

–  Medical conditions should be taken into consideration prior.

–  Drugs or alcohol is not permitted during or prior to activity.

–  All safety gear is provided.

–  No experience or qualifications required.

–  Pregnant women may not participate in certain activities.

–  Swimming skills are not required as long as participant is comfortable in the water and does not panic.

–  Read our “General Policy” and main activity page for additional information.

–  Double and triple flights are available.

–  Single flyers may be paired with other flyers for weight requirements.

–  Flyers will always get priority over spectator, no matter the reservation.

–  Maximum 450-pounds per flight.

–  Minimum 5-years old to fly.

–  Premium height/ flight time 5-10min.

–  Total boat excursion can take up to an hour.

–  Participants must be able to tell the captain their weight in pounds before the flight.

–  Getting dipped in the water is optional.

– Maximum one rider per Jet Ski due to Covid-19.

– Maximum 275 lbs per person.

– 16 years old minimum to drive; 6 years or older to ride as a passenger.

– Drivers born after Jan 1, 1988 must pass a boat exam at our location for $3, usually takes about 10-15mins to complete. 

– $250 refundable damage deposit per Jet Ski to be paid on a card. Banks may take up to ten days to process the refund. Up to an additional $500 may be charge if Jet Ski is damage and not able to be rented out again.

– 30-min sessions only, 1-hour option will be split into two 30-min sessions.

– Riding in a large ride zone. This is a free-ride, not a tour.

– 13-years old minimum to participate.

– Knowing how to swim is not required.

– Advanced tricks such as “backflips” are not permitted.


–  3-years old minimum to participate

–  Up to 4 riders per tube at a time.

–  15-20min session.

–  Captain will not intentionally make participants fall off the tube; however falling off may happen.

–  3-years old minimum to participate.

–  Paddle on your own without a guide.

–  Equipment must be returned 30-min prior to sunset 

–  It is recommended to bring a personal phone to call us if needed.

–  Customer is responsible to bring equipment back to departure point.